Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Burning Bush Icon of the Theotokos

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of the Icon of the Mother of God called The Burning Bush. In the Slavonic service the Theotokos is called upon to protect against fire and lightening by means of this icon. The story goes that many many years ago there was a fire in a village, and one old woman was seen standing in front of her house holding a copy of this icon and praying fervently. The man who witnessed this was moved by the Babushka's faith. the next day he came back to the scene of the fire and found the woman's house intact, though all around her the house had been destroyed. 

The copy of this icon which is in the altar of Holy Transfiguration Monastery Brookline was restored by one of Russia's best restorers, a believer from Moscow named Nicholas. Please pray for him. I believe he has reposed. He restored the icon in the early 70's.

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